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Back At It!

I don’t know about you but as a child I was very thin. Anyone who knows me, knows my daughter is a spitting image of me at her age, physically anyway. As an adult I have been every size. I was a dancer growing up and even taught dance in college. But I never had to do too much to maintain my naturally thin size. Hormones due to birth control, attempts for pregnancy, pregnancies, post pregnancy weight, whatever the reasons I have had done my share of having instances of wanting to get back on the proverbial horse and doing “better” after gaining weight. I was back at it last year and the pandemic hit. No excuses however my daughters baking skills I just wouldn’t say no. I was also living with my mother after my divorce. I mean who is saying no to their mother’s southern style breakfasts while working from home. Well, the pounds packed on! I saw it coming and truth be told, I cared but not really. There was nowhere to go and I mean who could see me other than on zoom meetings? I saw my clients for showings but most of them had no context of what I looked like pre-pandemic so there was a no judgement zone there. But then it was time to increasingly get back out of the house. Going back into the office was daunting. My work attire felt strange and my mental was too. So I decided to start eating better. Lost a little weight and was feeling okay then I realized there were some problem areas that no matter how great I ate the skin just hung there. In clothes I looked pretty good, especially comparing myself to last Summer but I was not the me I wanted to see looking back at me in the mirror. The bigher issue was I wasn’t being honest with myself. I knew what I needed to do. It is the part I’ve dreaded but when I have in the past it does the trick. Not only for my physical health but mental health as well. Adding a work out to my already crazy day seemed daunting. I gave myself every excuse in the book. But I had a courageous conversation with myself. 40 is coming and you want to look as great as you feel and health is wealth so, what are you waiting for? Starting slow and as with any new venture I’ve ever pursued, called in experts and my tribe of supporters to cheer me on. This isn’t about vanity or looking like I did when I was 16. For me, it’s about being better and my best self. And setting an example. I encourage my clients, friends and family to be their best possible self and I need to take my own advice. I journal and manifest all things that have happened to me. This is no different. It is something that I want so I have to hold myself accountable. This is real life and I am stepping outside of my comfort zone because my best practices show that when you do, nothing but amazing things will come of it.

I wanted to share with all of you because if you think you’re alone, you are not. I want to be completely transparent about what it is I am working on currently. My before pic will hold me accountable.

Anything in your life you want to get back to? Was there a time you felt joy? Let’s get back at it!!! #TheAyanaExperience 💪🏾

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Joelle Murchison
Joelle Murchison
11 May 2021


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