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Down 20 lbs!!! Let’s Chat!

Last head I started working out and eating better, for my 40th birthday vacation! Great idea right? Well, wrong! After said vacation and birthday I was back to old habits. I realized changes needed to be made for long lasting effects. So, this year I did a thing and joined a program equipped with accountability so I didn’t go it alone. I told people what I was doing and everyone was so supportive. I started a new position at a new company which requires travel. This proved to be difficult to adhere to my new lifestyle so I did some extra research on where I travel ahead of time and did some extra snack packing so I wouldn’t be caught off guard with hunger while traveling. With this lifestyle, preparation is key! Believe me, I’m truly excited about the outcome of the pound loss but more importantly my BMI decreasing. I’m not at my goal weight yet however my clothes are certainly fitting better and that’s a huge win for me! I had to share this nugget to show it doesn’t matter how many times we fall off we can jump back on and continue riding l for the right reasons! Thank you all for riding with me!



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