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Every NO is Not a Negative.

Hello gorgeous!

I don’t know about you but I dislike hearing the word, NO. Growing up I can recall not wanting to ask my mother for something if I knew the response was going to be, NO. As I grew up into adulthood, I would literally avoid conversations, questions or experiences if I was going to receive a NO. Who likes to hear that word anyway right? I’m not alone. But I realized something. After being told, NO, when I didn’t get a position I wanted or at least I thought I wanted changed my mind. Every NO is not a negative. I can list you so many instances in my life where this is true. From the NO of relationships ending to the NO of aht aht not that, wait. We become accustomed to needing responses to be in our favor and wanting everything the way we want them or imagined that they should be today, now, right now! I learned there’s wisdom, beauty, therapy and a message in some of the NOs we get. There’s something to be said for what that NO could mean. If we would only pump our breaks and think about it, every NO is not a negative. You may even realize that NO was a blessing. xoxo AYANAkai

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