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NEW!!! Overboard Boxes Are Coming!

Hello gorgeous! Thank you for being an AYANAKai Subscriber. You get this news before anyone!

I am so excited to announce, The Overboard Box! Meeting up with friends at the Winery? This is the go-to! The jazz fest returns this Summer... say less! An amazing 9 inch box of charcuterie and more on the go. Everything is disposable which makes it easy for that picnic in the park or a classy thank you gift. You asked for bigger so here we go!

Then there’s this... AYANAkai Box of the Month:

June, July and August 2021

Subscribers may join the membership club! An *Overboard Box of the Month for the Summer.

Stay tuned for more ordering details in the shop!

Thank you all for the continued support! 🦋#Cheers #Elevate #Ayanakai #TheAyanaExperience

*Rules and certain dates apply.

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1 Comment

Joelle Murchison
Joelle Murchison
May 16, 2021

Yassss!!!! Can't wait to go to the winery and jazz fest with an overboard box!!!

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