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The Story Behind My Blog

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Why did I name my blog Pearls Of Wisdom?

I named this important piece after my grandmother, my Mama the late Mrs. Pearline Greene. She was affectionately know by her friends and in the community as Pearl. From Mississippi to Hartford, CT her life was filled with so much wisdom and she shared it with her family, her friends and neighbors often times at the kitchen table. Her meals and conversation were iconic. Sunday dinners were well attended and it did not matter if I showed up with a few of my Sorority sisters from college or one of my cousins showed up unexpectedly with a few colleagues hungry from a long day. There was a meal awaiting you and a story from this wise woman who had seen the world and had enough knowledge about whatever subject you brought to her kitchen table. Her wisdom, ingenuity and tenacity were priceless. She believed in providing access to homeownership, education and services for marginalized groups. Living in the inner city but brought up on a farm, she knew how to adjust to pretty much any situation and transition. There was not a new family member to the area that did not stay with her until they were able to get on their feet. She was known to be a place of refuge, especially for women and children who needed a place to go when there was nowhere. The nuggets of wisdom she left behind stays with me through everything I have gone through and continue to experience in my life, I keep her wisdom with me. There isn't a decision that I make that does not have a what would Mama do or say in this moment attached to it. She is missed but she is also with me now, in spirit and I am so grateful to be her eldest granddaughter. Pearls of Wisdom is my homage to this iconic woman and I dedicate this to her.

Pearline Greene, I love you.

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