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What’s Your Story?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Hello gorgeous,

Starting a blog is something I dreamed about doing for so long and now it’s happening and I have to say I am overwhelmed with a lot of emotion. Thank you for taking this journey with me! I hope to share with you what I call “Ayanaisms”. In short, they are nuggets of wisdom from my experiences. My hope and intention of what will come of this blog, is that the readers will be more self -reflective and full from my fruit of inspiration.

Story time! I remember writing in my diary as a child. You know the kind with the mini lock and two keys? For whatever reason they always came with two keys. This got me through some trying times. Coming of age moments where when in doubt you could always count on, through the tears or smiles of the day, Dear Diary was there to catch it all. Every story of the day, Diary had me. You may have a similar memory of growing up too.

Whatever we have been through, good or bad, our stories make us who we are. Every experience. Every rise and fall. Every growth and goal. Every pro and con. Every good and bad decision. Every moment we live is a puzzle piece of our lives. Sometimes in an argument you are unable to get out your side of the story. Sometimes I would go back and re-read the passages. Laugh at my point of few or how silly something that seemed such a big deal at the time. There was healing in the writing and healing and reading of MY STORY. It was cleansing to get out some of the things that maybe I could not find the words to say. There were dreams shared, visions and affirmations.

Do you own a journal? If not I would suggest you grab one, sis. The best part is they are literally everywhere on the cheap.

Let’s peel back this onion! There is so much to figure out about yourself that you may have tucked away.

So glad you are here! Grab that journal and let’s write… First entry…What is YOUR story?

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