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I can help! My expertise lies in connecting my clients with credit repair programs and first time home buyer mortgage brokers for preapproval. Full step by step guide to get you to where you need to be in order to go from renting to buying.

Selling your starter home or downsizing? I can help with that too!




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"Ayana has always been a great support system and friend. From connecting me with like minded people to supporting my career moves. Change is not always easy, but Ayana has a positive, uplifting personality and provides encouraging words of advice. She’s an inspiration to her community and anyone who has the pleasure of working with her is guaranteed to be in the position of personal growth as they work toward where they want to be in life! She would always tell me, if it’s for you, it’s FOR YOU!"
Krystal B.  

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"Knowing Ayana Taylor for many years and working with her professionally as Real Estate agents, I have learned and grown so much! Ayana is an overachiever to say the least. She goes above and beyond for clients as she does for herself, her family, friends AND community!! Even with all that she does, she does very well balancing it all! Her professional approach in Real Estate (and more) is one I’ve admired! I recommend Ayana Taylor for all of your real estate needs!"

Janie H. 

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Ayana Taylor of Ayana Kai, for 6+ years.  During that time, I've not only witnessed a consistent display of professionalism and expert coaching abilities, I've personally benefited from her unique motivating leadership style as well. 


As a manager, mentor, and coach of academically brilliant college students through the INROADS program, Ayana would connect with students on a much deeper level than your traditional mentor/mentee working relationship.  Using focused listening skills as they shared their career goals and displaying genuine care and concern for their well-being, Ayana would tap into the intern's natural abilities and develop them into corporate leaders in their areas of expertise.  With her extensive experience, it would be very easy for someone like Ayana to simply tell them what to do but, instead, she connected with each student, putting them at ease, encouraging them through each stage of their development, making them realize that their success was collaborative, never dictated.  You can tell that developing leaders is her passion, not simply a job.


Personally, Ayana has played a critical role in many of the goals I've recently accomplished.  At one point, our schedules were so busy during the normal workday that we carved out time very early in the morning, twice a week, for several weeks to talk about things that I'd always wanted to do but hadn't yet accomplished.  During our conversations, she encouraged me to write down each goal along with actionable steps toward achieving them and met to check on my progress at different intervals.  To this day, we still make time to have these conversations.  She is a key part of my personal development team.  


Ayana Taylor is a true leader, the consummate professional, and simply one of the warmest and most caring individuals I've ever met.  Knowing and working with her is a true joy and an asset in my life.


Erica G. Bradley

Crimson World Travel

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