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Be Right Back

There was a time when guilt would set in if I were to take time off that had nothing to do with my children. Mom guilt or whatever people call it is real. Over time I felt it necessary to practice self care. Not just the normal mani pedi appointment or massage or girl chat time but a true pause for self and reflection time to reset to return with a clear head and heart and get back in the game. Time, growth, maturity set in and I changed. I realized all the cliche‘ lines, you can’t pour from an empty cup, etc. They are so true. It is so real that we oftentimes make a conscious decision to be last with our needs and wants for the benefit of others. Not anymore, the out of office is on and the intentionality for a true break is now apart of the mindfulness and practice that is necessary in order to be successful. It is just that simple. Schedule some time for you. This past year and change has not been normal. Being where we are right now is a blessing. Let’s honor that by giving ourselves time and space for respite. You deserve it!

AYANAkai will be closed 7/1-7/9

No orders, meetings or consultations during that time.

Thank you for your continuous support. 🦋

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